Actor José Barros during the play "Retratinho de Amílcar Cabral".
A production of TEATROMOSCA, Casa de Teatro de Sintra, 2011
A Natural Park in the present days, the mountains of Serra Malagueta are located very close to the home where Amílcar Cabral grew up as a young man. I would simply be speculating if I said that he was familiar with this territory and that this conviviality had an influence on his choice to study Agronomy but, having worked here three years prior to making this photograph, I learnt that this landscape is charged with deep symbolic significance, having been one of the main places of refuge in the island of Santiago for those who escaped slavery. I understand that moment to be one of the earliest acts of rebellion against colonialism, while Amílcar Cabral himself lead a similar act of resistance many centuries later.
Serra Malagueta, Santiago, Cabo Verde, 2011
Liceu Velho, São Vicente, Cabo Verde, 2011
A short pen stroke near the right margin of this archival photograph indicates the presence of Amílcar Cabral in the image.
Fundação Mário Soares, Lisboa, Portugal, 2011
Amílcar Cabral lived in this house during his childhood, following his parents' return to Cape Verde from Guinea Bissau in 1932, where he had been born.
Santa Catarina, Santiago, Cabo Verde, 2011